Foods OF Animals

Foods Of Animals

All animals need food to live. Food sives energy to do work and helps the bodv to grow and to be healthy. Animals obiain food from their surrountlings. Animals are divided into three groups based on the kind of food they eat :

i. Animals that eat only plants.

ii. Animals that eat only flesh of other animals.

iii. Animals that eat both plants and flesh of animals.

Animals that feed on plants

Anlmals that eat grass or green plahts are herbivores. They have s,harp front teeth. These teeth help them to bite off leaves and soft branches of plants. These animals also have broad and strong grinding teeth to chew their food. Grain, fruit-eatins birds and animals also come under this group.

Animals that feed on other animals

Animals that eat the flesh of others animals are caenivores. Thel, do not eat plants. Flesh-eating animals have teeth that help them to tear the flesh, Their teeth are very sharp and pointed. They also have strong grinding teeth to chew the meat, These animals teae, chew and then srvallow their food.

Frogs do not have teeth. They eat insects, They have a long, sticky tongue that is used to catch insects. Snakes eat animals such as birds, mice and frogs. They swallow their food. Snakes, tigers, leopards, vultures, crocodiles and eagles are some of the carnivores.

Animals that eat both plants and animals.

Animals that eat both plants and the flesh of others animals are called omnivores.  Birds like sparrows, hens, peacocks, crows are omnivores. Animals like ants, bears, foxes, cockroaches are also omnivores.

Food Chain

Green piants make their own food with the help of sunlight, air and water. Herbivores eat these green plants. Carnivores depend on the herbivores for their food. This process is known as the food chain.


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